A Night with a Newborn Care Specialist

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Overnight with a newborn can be exhausting! That’s what I am here to help with, I come in to help you get the much-needed sleep you are lacking. What does a night with an NCS/ night nanny look like? Every family’s needs are unique and every situation is a little different. Here is a look at what the average night will look like.
  • 8:30pm - I arrive at your home, ready for an overnight with your little one. We will sit down and go over how the day went and chat for a few. We can talk about what your goals are, what the daytime routine looks like to help with those goals, and any troubles that have come up. I am there to answer any question and make suggestions, help with new techniques and help you get comfortable with all thing baby!!!!
  • 10:00pm- Time for the parents to get to sleep! While you are getting the rest you so deserve, I will get prepared for the night ahead. I will make sure there are enough diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. If there are clothes that need to be cleaned and/or folded I will get that done while the baby is sleeping. I will also organize pumped breast milk for storage, wash, sanitize, and prepare bottles and pump parts that will be used overnight. If we are doing formula, I will make sure that there is plenty of formula and water for the night.
  • 11:00pm- When it is time for your baby’s feeding, I will change the diaper and get them ready to eat. If bottle fed- I will feed, burp, re-swaddle, and get them back down to sleep. If you are breastfeeding, we will do the pre discussed plan for each feed. Some moms this means I will text you and let you know we are ready for you to come to us for the feed. For other moms it means I bring the baby to you for a quick comfortable feed in bed. There are some moms that choose to pump at a specific time instead of waking to feed the baby, if that is the case, I will retrieve the milk and either use it for a feed at night or store the milk for future use. After taking care of the milk, I will clean, sanitize, and put away the pump equipment. There is no one way, there is no wrong way, we will work on what’s best for you and you baby.

It is important that we keep each feeding quiet and dark, to help establish healthy sleep habits and keep daytime and nighttime separate. After each feed I settle the baby back to sleep so we can get them as much sleep during the night hours as we can. We will start stretching out the feeding once it is appropriate to help them get ready for sleeping through the night. I will be in the guest room or the nursery with the baby. I will close my eyes and rest while the baby is resting but will be ready to attend to the baby as soon as needed. Having been trained and having years of experience working with newborns with severe reflux, colic, and a myriad of other issues and ailments, I will be up with your little one through any challenges they may face while you get some much-needed sleep so you can be your best in the morning.
  • 6:30am - I will make sure all bottles and pump equipment are washed and sanitized before I leave in the morning. I will update the log with any notes or send a text with a run down of how the night went. We will do the hand off as we discussed the night before at 6:30am. Some families want the baby brought to them, some want a text so they can turn on the monitor, or some come to the nursery to be with the baby. Whatever works best for you, is how we will do the hand off.

Just remember, I am here for you and your family’s needs. If you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to talk to- I am here for your family’s specific needs.
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