What other parents are saying about Brianne!

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Thank you Bre for your incredible help with our twin boys! You did such a great job taking care of them and were always incredibly reliable and professional. Thank you for also helping to sleep train them, we are so happy that with your help they are not able to sleep through the night!
- S & D

As first-time parents, we decided to make the investment to hire a night nanny. There is so much unknown bringing home your baby from the hospital and we were so very nervous. Upon reflection, it was the best investment we made to date. I do not know how we would have gotten through the first few months without Brianne. Her commitment to our child's wellbeing was evident from day one. She took time to get to know us as parents, help educate and guide us through expectations, milestones and challenges. She sent us detailed notes after each shift that included observations and suggestions for schedule, feeding, activity, or environment tweaks that would help support development and baby's rest. Our son has had very healthy sleeping habits from the start and we feel a lot of that had to do with Brianne's care and support. As a nursing mother, she also helped me tremendously with the ups and downs, tips and tricks, needed to successfully nurse my newborn. Additionally, having peace of mind laying down to sleep at night knowing we have help and our baby was in such good care allowed us to get the rest we so desperately needed to be more present during the day. Brianna will be our first call when/if baby #2 arrives and I have continued to recommend her to friends and family.
- S Family

It's with much pleasure that I’m able to recommend Brianne Orten as your new night nurse. We hired Brianne as expectant first-time parents and like most parents in our position, we we’re so nervous to leave our baby in the hands of someone else so soon after he was born. However, instantly when Brianne arrived, she eased our nerves and we slept soundly as she cared vigilantly for our young son. Her first night working with us was the first night he actually slept in his own bed and the first night we had got any decent sleep, since he was born. This was certainly a gift that kept on giving. Brianne consistently arrived at our home on time, ready to care for our son through the night, and always with a smile on. Always professional, there to guide us on tips and tricks to help our baby be more comfortable and sleep more deeply, she proved to be compassionate and intelligent. As our baby boy started to sleep for longer stretches during the night (a max of 8 hours straight at 2 months), much thanks to Brianne’s help, our time with Brianne came to end but we couldn’t be more happy with the help and service she gave us for the first two months of his life.
- K & S

Bre is an incredible lady and a joy to work with. Her training, experience, and expertise with newborn care is further enhanced by her delightful personality. She is patient, kind, loving, and knowledgeable. Bre has encouraged us through several challenges from c-section recovery and understanding our newborn to bottle aversion and infant sleep support. She’s been so nurturing for our entire family, and our baby girl adores her as much as we do! Bre is more than an invaluable resource; she has also become a dear friend!
- H Family

We hired Brianne in the fall of 2021 to care for our newborn overnight, and we absolutely loved her! She has a gentle, nurturing spirit that immediately put me at ease; I felt very comfortable with her caring for my baby. She has a lot of experience and has seen it all. Brianne was always on time and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her!
- B family

Brianne Orten served as our newborn care specialist and overnight nanny for three months following the birth of our daughter. Brianne was invaluable during that time. Brianne is extremely professional. She consistently arrived a few minutes early, asked good questions about our preferences and goals, and always communicated clearly and efficiently. She is someone you can count on. She is also very knowledgeable. She is well versed in newborn care and was willing to share information and tips on how we could best set our baby and ourselves up for success. Brianne is someone you can learn from. She is a natural care provider as well. She is compassionate and has a warm heart towards infants. It was clear from the first night that making our baby comfortable was her number one priority. She is someone you can trust. Our experience with Brianne was nothing but exceptional and we would happily serve as a reference for her. Her assistance overnight allowed us to get the rest required so that we could wake each morning refreshed and positioned to take on the day's work and care for our children. We hope you are lucky enough to employ her and wish you and your family all the best.
- E Family 
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